Why Chooky Will Succeed

Hard Work and Top Tier Relationships Create a Powerful Ecosystem Driving Success

As a company our mission is to execute some of the greatest song releases in history while creating new industry standard practices.

Chooky has in-hand multiple approved deals as well as relationships with top tier entertainment industry venues, technology companies and distribution/advertising platforms. From deals with The Meadowlands Arena, MetLife stadium and Hulu/Disney+, to teaming with representatives and advisors from Live Nation, AEG, Sony and Def Jam, to partnership deals with Apple Music, Ticket Master and TCG (the largest open world metaverse) with many other partnerships pending Chooky Records’ tireless efforts to establish pivotal industry relationships continues to build our foundation for mission success.

With this foundation in place and continuing to grow Chooky has the capability to scale exponentially as one of the first crypto RWA ecosystems that is fully sustainable outside of the overall web3 environment.

Music is a globally appreciated industry and one of the most lucrative sectors in the world. Chooky is here to open the doors to Web3, by offering more to artists than ever before and, for the first time ever, allowing fans to share in the success!

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