🐢Chooky Introduction


Chooky Records is a blockchain record label on a mission to disrupt and revolutionize the music industry. We connect fans and artist in ways that have never before been possible and eliminate the flawed, corrupt and dehumanizing practices of standard music label operations. Our clients (artists) maintain greater creative control while keeping a far larger share of their revenue generation and fans share in the artists financial success while creating a more interactive relationship with the artist.

This is a cultural movement to change the web 2 standard and transform the business of music forever using blockchain technology!

β€œIn these trying global times Chooky embodies a mindset that focuses on happiness, abundance, and the power of one's thoughts to shape their reality. When someone says they are "living Chooky," in essence, they are in a state of mind that seeks to make the most of life and create a fulfilling and positive existence.” Papi - CEO

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