😎Artist-Centric Approach

Chooky Leads The Way in Bringing Dignity & Fairness Back To the Industry's Treatment of Artists

Today the industry standard is to lock artists into β€œ360 deals” where they lose creative control of their IP (songs) and receive a fraction of the revenue from copyright, image rights and royalties that they generate. These unfair practices are everywhere in the industry from the smallest players to the global mega-labels. With no viable alternative, artists have truly been trapped.

At the core of our organization is an unwavering commitment to support artists. Chooky is here to free these trapped artists and provide the dignity they deserve along with more creative control and greater financial reward while enabling fans to share in the artist’s success. Our allocation of royalties and revenue to artists is as much as 2-4X the current standard for record label deals.

To demonstrate this commitment, we are implementing NFT contracts that serve as legally binding digital assets, providing transparent verification of royalty payments.

Additionally, these NFTs will encompass signed cover artwork, empowering artists to showcase their creative vision to their audience in a tangible and distinctive manner.

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